Your Thoughts Become Your Reality


There is nothing easier than building a bad life. It all starts by being in your comfort zone and funny enough you won’t notice until it is too late.

Our brains are always seeking dopamine and when you cannot control your thoughts, they will control you.

Today is January 17th, 2024. The time is 11:52 pm and I still have a lot of tasks on my plate.

How did I get here? During the day, I decided to take a short break just to watch a few videos on YouTube.

This disrupted my entire routine and got me lagging. Just like me, most of you have been in the same situation and probably it’s not the first time happening and maybe it won’t be the last time.

However, what matters is your reaction.

Some people choose to continue consuming cheap dopamine while others choose to build the right habits.

Oops! I just revealed the secret. If you don’t want to live a mediocre life, build the right habits.

Doing so doesn’t happen overnight so don’t be too hard on yourself when you struggle to maintain the habits.

Never giving up is the key to finding any solution.

If you failed yesterday, so what? Today is a perfect day to try again.

With this realization, I was able to bounce back and get back on my grind mode. As I write this newsletter, I’m sitting in a quiet sitting room reminiscing what if I went to sleep?

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