You Are A Genius

Everyone is a genius, not because you know everything but due to the ability to solve a problem uniquely.

Unfortunately, most people doubt that because of what the society around you has made you believe.

Subconsciously, you were meant to believe there is something you can do and there is something you cannot do.

When you are told to choose path A instead of path B, this is a humble way of telling you that you cannot prosper in path B.

What you can and cannot depends on you. The right way to find out is by chasing your curiosity and finding out on your own.

As human beings, we are limitless in our capabilities for development. This means we can achieve anything that we pursue with the right obsession.

According to Leonardo Da Vinci, everything is related. He believed you can artistically learn science and you can scientifically learn art.

Leonardo himself was a polymath and he is considered a genius due to his futuristic inventions that were groundbreaking for the time.

The fact that he achieved this has nothing to do with his education and everything to do with his curiosity and obsession.

Everyone has an obsession and curiosity. The failure to pursue them is what stops us from tapping into our creative genius.

Today, I dare you to find the genius within you by taking at least an hour a day and focusing on what you have always been curious about. Start exploring and the obsession will kick in.

My name is Gustaff and I’m cheering you from this side of the world

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