How to Solve 98% of your Problems

solving problems

Problems are part of life. Unfortunately, people turn a blind eye, focus on what seems to impede them, and forget that there is always the other side of the coin – the part that empowers you.

In most cases, when faced with problems, we play the victim. To some, this happens consciously while to others it happens subconsciously.

The bad news is, that acting the victim strips us of our power to solve the problem. It’s similar to surrendering and hoping that a miracle will happen.

If you have been doing this, it’s high time you stop. The only way to solve a problem is by taking responsibility and instead of running you have to face it.

The 3 Step framework for solving any Problem

When faced with a problem, do the following:

  1. Change your perspective
  2. Take action
  3. Maintain the will

Changing Your Perspective

Problems on their own are not bad. Our perspective is what makes them bad.

Once you realize this, you gain control of your thoughts and the clarity to understand that If we have the power to make something look bad, we also have the power to make it look good.

Instead of focusing on the bad, explore the what if?

Being open-minded gives you an overview of what else you can do, how you can navigate the situation, the lessons you have learnt and how to handle the same situation next time.

By trying to answer those questions, you will find yourself exploring other possibilities. Where there is a possibility, there is an opportunity and that is how you shift your thoughts from bad to good

Therefore, what is stopping you from turning that problem into an opportunity? Simple, taking action.

Taking Action

Regardless of what you know, you will never see results unless you take action. This is an essential part of change.

The same applies to solving your problems. Once you have convinced your mind that good exists, it’s up to you to make it a reality.

For anyone struggling to take action, take a piece of paper and write down a title “How to fail in life”

For example, if the action was to read 2 pages of a book. In 10 different sentences write, I will fail if I don’t read 2 pages of this book. Once you are done, read it repetitively.

This will trigger guilt and push you to do the one thing that you have been avoiding.

Maintaining the Will

his is the third part of solving any problem.

Just to let you know, solving a problem is not easy. Therefore, you need the will to keep pushing when nothing is happening and all your efforts seem insignificant.

Keep in mind to see results, you have to stay consistent and disciplined. That is the will that drives you to succeed and solve 98% of your problems.

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